Nash Custom Hockey Skate Wraps Review

Nash Custom Hockey Skate Wraps Review

Welcome to the blog! I’m Jeremy, your equipment reviewer, and we’ll be covering a whole host of product here at Max Performance Sports & More. These blog posts will involve long-term reviews of the product we carry, with personal opinions and tips and tricks sprinkled throughout. Let’s get started!

We kicked it off this week with the Nash Skate Wraps. These are a set of hockey shot wraps that provide protection from shots through a custom-molded, impact-resistant Lexan shell. This is perfect for those players looking to get better protection out of their skates, whether to protect yourself better blocking shots, or giving you the peace of mind to play your best game without worrying about being injured.

Other shot-protection products on the market often cost upwards of $130 and either run stock, or require a complex ordering process in order to get a custom set. At $79.99 for a custom molded pair, these are a budget-friendly solution, with just as much protection and quality.

The skate wrap is thermoformed (just like baking your skates) by hand over your hockey skates, a quick 15-minute process that can be done in-store or at home; resulting in a close, custom fit around your boot. Shock absorption pads are then installed via peel-and-stick, straps are slid in, and you’re good to go!


First Impressions

The Lexan skate wrap was formed incredibly well around the boot, leaving very little negative space and creating a really good custom shell around my boot. While the skate wraps do inevitably add a very minute amount of weight to each skate, it is a negligible difference when holding the skates up, and most likely even less noticeable when on your feet. After the molding process, the stiff impact polycarbonate material has just enough give to let you slide the wrap on and off your skate really easy, but retains a solid, sturdy stiffness to it.

Game Use

The skate wraps added 30 seconds to my pre-game prep process, no sweat. It was really easy to slide the wrap on, even with how tight it fits around my skate. Got a couple compliments on the bench (“ooh, new toy?”) and an approving nod from the goalie, who was happy to take any blocked shot he can.

I wore the wraps for three games and a practice, blocking every shot I could (much to my goalie’s delight), and even purposely asking for a couple shots off the skate during the warm ups (much to my D-men’s amusement). I went as hard as I could, trying to punish and push the skate wraps to the max in as short a span as possible.

I didn’t notice the presence of the wraps on my feet at all: the close fit and the lightweight Lexan didn’t impede any of my skating or my play in any way at all. These things are absolute tanks, and for the first time, I could go as hard as I’d like in puck battles and face-offs without worrying about feeling a thing or shredding my skates.

Save for the scratches and puck marks on the wraps (I’ve even taken a skate blade to them when a player kicked out on a tumble), the Lexan holds up immensely well and are as sturdy and stiff as the day I picked them up. I now understand why these are so popular with players in the NHL. They give you an invisible protection that really helps give you that confidence to play the way you need to.

Final Thoughts

The Nash Skate Wraps are definitely a solid piece of gear. They do what they advertise, and do it at a reasonable, affordable price. These are perfect for a wide range of players - not only for those looking for extra protection for the grit of their game, but also fill a hole in the current skate market.

Not every player can make the best use out of the super-stiff top-end skates on the market right now, whether due to weight or due to skating style. The Nash Skate Wraps are a great solution for players who need a more flexible boot to be comfortable and get the most out of their skating, but still need that good, sturdy protection. Absolutely any player looking to beef up their foot protection will benefit from investing in a pair of skate wraps.


Tips and Advice

- If you’re baking these at home, do them low-and-slow. Lexan takes a while to be heated evenly. While Nash recommends 350ºF for 5 minutes, I’d recommend throwing them in for slightly less at 340 ºF for 6 minutes, and checking them every minute or so. You’re looking for the floppy consistency of a rubber place mat - flimsy, but not soft enough to stretch.custom-skate-shot-blockers

- Focus on molding the centerpiece to the laces first, and then the wrap around the sides. Press down every edge with your fingers and hold tight!

- Work quickly! Lexan cools very fast and you need quick hands to get that perfect mold. Luckily, you can always toss it back in the oven and start all over again if you’re not happy with the fit.

Have fun with your gear, and play well. ‘Til next time.


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