NHL Jersey Customization


Throw your favorite player's name and number on the jersey or personalize your jersey with your name and number. We're proud to offer customization on all NHL jerseys in Vancouver! While we carry several Canucks and other various NHL player jerseys in stock, if we don’t have the jersey you are looking for in stock, no problem! Any jersey you bring in (home, away, and third jerseys) can be customized with any name and number. Choose a current NHL player, past NHL players, or your own last name and we will do all the hard work and customize the NHL jersey for you! We can also do old school jersey styles, like the 1994 Vancouver Canucks jerseys. Turn your jersey into a Pavel Bure or Trevor Linden from the 1994 Vancouver Canucks run to the Stanley Cup! 

Bring your jersey into the store, tell us what you want, and we will have your jersey ready within 4-6 weeks. We also have some of the best pricing in all of Vancouver, if not the entire country. Other shops, like in the malls, charge on average 25%. We play the game, we watch the game, and we are involved in the game of hockey: we know nobody wants to wait that long to get your jersey back! Prices range from $160-$200 for full customization including name bar, back numbers, sleeve numbers, and fully sewn on the jersey! Prices vary due to the year of the jersey, style, team, etc.

Your jersey must be an official jersey, and not a knock-off jersey as we cannot customize any counterfeit NHL jerseys. The jerseys can be any brand: CCM, Reebok, Nike, and more. Simply bring in your official NHL jersey to our Vancouver store and will customize it just the way you want it!



Your jersey will be available in-store and it will be to exact NHL specifications, just like the players wear. It will fully sewn and includes the name bar, last name, sleeve numbers, and back numbers. Fully sewn means all layers are adhered and sewn together, and then sewn to the jersey on the outside of the numbers. This is exactly how NHL jerseys are sewn, and not just a heat-press option that falls off over time. Most store offering customization quickly take your jersey to their back room and heat press on the numbers, which does not work for NHL jersey twill (heat pressing should only be used to customize hockey practice jerseys, which we also offer). All of the twill is officially licensed NHL & NHLPA pro twill featuring exact NHL team fonts and colors. While our work is officially licensed by the NHL, NHLPA and NHLE to customize jerseys and provide kits, please note some work use replica fonts supplied to us by the National Hockey League, occasionally there may be some very slight variances than an authentic font which is worn on ice.



With our jersey customization services in Vancouver, your jersey will be in the hands of professionals! Here are the benefits and guarantees you receive when you customize your NHL jersey with us:

  • 100% Authentic Hand-Sewn Professional Customization
  • 100% Authentic Pro Twill Materials officially licensed by both the NHL and the NHLPA
  • 100% Authentic Pro Fonts
  • 100% Precision & Accuracy, no crooked or not properly sewn numbers
  • 100% Authentic Customization as worn on-ice by the NHL players themselves
  • No gluing or heat pressing of names or numbers!
  • All numbers, namebars, and other options where applicable

NOTE: We do not offer any name bar and number removal services, the customer must bring in the jersey without existing names or numbers on them. Alternatively, we do offer a name bar swap service (the existing numbers stay on the jersey that you have, but we can replace the player's last name).

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