Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant Review

Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant Review

Howdy! Hope the season’s going well as you wind down and enter playoffs, and hope that summer hockey is going to be a good one for the rest of you on that part of the year!

On today's blog post, we’ve got the Clap Balm review – a hockey hand deodorant that helps kill that unwanted smell we get after playing a game with our wonderful smelling mitts.  While a lot of us probably don’t mind the aroma of Eau de Hockey Glove, every loved one that has to take a sniff, or every poor fella that’s going to have to shake your hand – they probably mind just a wee bit!

The Clap Balm is a simple deodorant balm that comes in a little tin.  It’s all-natural, all-Canadian makeup means that you can always be sure that what you’re using won’t harm your skin, and you’ll be supporting local Canadian businesses to boot.  With a tin being found in NHL, OHL, NCAA and Junior league dressing rooms across the continent, I was pretty excited to give it a test drive and see what it brings.


First Impressions and Long-Term Use

Instructions were simple.  Open the tin, take a bit out with your fingertip, and work it into your hands.  First thing that struck me was its thicker consistency, kind of reminds me of body butter, or that Working Hands Moisturizer I keep seeing at Home Depot.  It was easy to apply and had a crisp, clean scent to it.

I by no means have the nastiest of hands after a game, but the salty scent of sweat does tend to cling to my hands, so I enlisted the sweaty Vikings that are my teammates to see if we can find out if there’s a pair of hands that smell too bad for this balm!

The balm played exactly as advertised, chewing through even the crustiest of hands and leaving them smelling pretty fresh.  The Clap Balm seemed to work well enough that the smells aren’t noticeable, as a teammate’s wife didn’t even complain when he put his hands on her face for a smooch.

We’re about a few weeks into the use of the clap balm and my linemates and I pretty much almost burned through what’s left in the tin.  Our hands have been smelling better and are softer if anything (the clap balm contains a moisturizing Shea butter), and we’ve had some pretty staunch approval from anyone who’s interacted with us post-game.


Final Thoughts

While nothing beats air-drying your mitts properly, giving your gear a wash, or just grabbing a fresh glove repalming when the palms are getting crusty; the Clap Balm Hockey hand deodorant did exactly what it said it would!  Our hands were fresh and comfortable after games and there wasn’t anything we could fault it with.  It’s a simple product with impressive results, and it’s an inexpensive addition to your toiletries kit. Whether you're heading home to old lady or ready for a night out on the town, it's a no-brainer to keep one in your hockey bag!


Tips and Advice

  • Be generous!  Use enough to comfortably and liberally cover your hands.  A bead the size of your fingertip will usually suffice.
  • Spread it into your palms before working it into your hands.  It’s hard to spread it with all of it caked onto one finger.


Pick up a tin from Max-Performance Sports and keep those hands as soft and silky as you tell everyone they are. We hope you enjoyed reading our Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant review here at Max-Performance Sports in Vancouver, BC and online at Game on!